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All of us are affected by crime.

You might not have been a victim of crime but you almost certainly have been affected by it. The cost of crime for an individual and a society is high. Be it burglary, stolen car or assault—we all have to pay. Insurance premiums, replacement cars or goods, and emotional and physical pain are just some of the costs.
We want to live in a community free of crime. You can do something about it, and that's where Mathews County Crime Solvers can help.
The information you have may help solve a crime or prevent another one from occurring. It could be the piece of the puzzle that the sheriff's department is looking for or it could be new information that the department doesn't know. It does not matter how trivial you may think it is, it might be important to an investigation.
Mathews County Crime Solvers is a community-based policing service that allows you to give your information anonymously. If your information leads to an arrest and conviction, you could receive a reward of as much as $1,000.
Your call is important to us. The Crime Solvers hot line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Remember—if you see something or if you hear something, please say something. Together we can make a difference.
Call Mathews County Crime Solvers at (804) 725-7001.